Femme: Jasmine Sanders


Jasmine Sanders in no newbie to the modeling spotlight. At 13 years old, she started her career in fashion by modeling for companies in New York and Los Angeles and has now reached undeniable fame in the industry. At 27 years old, Sanders is a veteran. Part of her fame comes from her unique and stunning look. Dirty and curled blonde hair with piercing fall-blue eyes and a smooth, flawless caramel complexion make her stand out among the pale, cookie-cutter models in the industry.

Besides her looks, a big part of Sanders’s explosion into the pop-culture fashion world came from her friendship with the famous and beautiful Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian. If there is any family out there that can help sky rocket a model into fame, it’s the Kardashians and Jenners.

Back in 2016 Sanders appeared in Kylie Jenner’s short promotional film Glosses, which promoted her new line of lip gloss. Yet, hardcore followers of Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian were already familiar with Sanders. She would appear in the background or accompanying to the social media icons in their Snapchat stories, Instagram pictures, or paparazzi photos.

It’s no surprise then that, like the Kardashians and Jenners, Jasmine Sanders has a booming social media presence. She currently has 3.1 million followers on her Instagram and posts pictures of herself in the latest designer outfits or with friends at red carpet events.

Sanders is more casually known by her Instagram username: Golden Barbie. “I had a teacher who used to call me Goldilocks in school because of my curls,” Sanders told Vogue in March of 2016, “and my friends used to tell me I looked like a life-size Barbie.” When she created an Instagram, she decided to combine the two nicknames and the rest is history.

Sanders also has an extremely popular Youtube channel called Golden Barbie TV where she updates fans on her life and answers questions. While she doesn’t update her Youtube channel as much as her Instagram, the videos that Sanders does upload allow  viewers into a more genuine side of her life. While her Instagram seems more like a fashion portfolio, her YouTube channel is where fans can see the true Jasmine Sanders.

Her videos feature everything from vacationing with friends to make up tutorials and behind-the-scenes of modeling shoots. Sanders seems grounded in her videos; she doesn’t act like the popular social media queen that she is. She laughs at herself  when she’s excited.

This humbleness in the face of fame comes from her early childhood in South Carolina. Unlike many other famous models, Sanders didn’t grow up with lavishes and money. She was raised by her mother and a military father and was bullied due to her looks. “Living in the South, people look at you differently because you are a mixed kid,” Sander’s explains to Ocean Drive Magazine, “I would get bullied over who my friends were—if I had too many white friends or too many black friends.”

The modesty that has followed her through life is the reason why she took a humble approach to a recent she was denied walking as a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Instead of attacking the company or bad-mouthing other models, Sanders admits that she was disappointed and sad, but instead of dwelling on those emotions she celebrated her friends who got the opportunity to be a VS Angel.

Jasmine Sanders shouldn’t have to worry too much about her recent denial. Her fashion résumé already includes big brands like Ralph Lauren, American Eagle, Forever21, and Nike. There’s no doubt she’ll be moving on to bigger and better jobs. She has the fan-base and beauty. Golden Barbie isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Why She’s Hot!

Sanders’s icy blue eyes and caramel gold skin make her jaw-dropping. Not to mention her sultry lips and bouncing blonde hair. In a group, all attention is immediately drawn to her.

What Kind Of Guy Does She Like?

Currently, Jasmine Sanders is dating Terrance J, a TV celebrity known for his work on BET and E! News. Terrance is constantly busy and recently started a marketing company. It’s safe to say that Jasmine Sanders likes a man who is professional and works hard.

Something You Should Know.

Despite the beauty that Jasmine Sanders has, she still struggles with online hate, admitting that she has fallen asleep crying due to comments on her Instagram. She also finds joy in Instagram stalking some of her followers when she’s bored; going through their feeds and trying to figure out the type of person that they are.