Femme: Emanuela de Paula


Emanuela de Paula isn’t like everyone else. She escaped poverty in her native Brazil to become a world-famous supermodel. As a black woman, she has a unique look in an industry dominated by white women. Against the odds, de Paula blossomed into a successful model in advertisements and on catwalks all over the world. Her story is an admirable tale of adversity as an example for young girls in every small town.

She started modeling when most people were watching cartoons in their pajamas. Her first modeling work was for a supermarket in Brazil. When she was 15, she signed for her first modeling agency. She started runway modeling for Ralph Lauren and was featured in an article in W Magazine. De Paula has also walked for Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, and even Victoria’s Secret, where she featured in their famous Fashion Show three different times. She was also the face for the British retailer Next and the Swedish clothing store Gina Tricot.

More recently, de Paula models swimsuits for August Official Swimwear and clothing for Animale Brazil and Elle Brazil. She is proud of her Brazilian roots and her recent work demonstrates that importance.

While not as popular as other supermodels, de Paula has a large social media following. She has almost 100,000 Instagram followers and over 150,000 Facebook followers. Her feeds focus on her favorite workouts and the various landscapes she encounters through her travels. Thankfully, there isn’t the overwhelming amount of false advertising seen on most social media accounts. De Paula also has her own online blog, Manu By Manu. It is filled with photographs of her experiences in various beautiful places, both work-related and with her family.

Emanuela hasn’t always had the perfect model body. When she was younger, she had issues with cellulite. After some dietary changes and hormonal therapy, she was able to overcome the problem. In addition to that, it taught her the importance of exercise and proper eating habits. Even today, she runs every morning and works out as often as her busy schedule permits. She also enjoys boxing and pilates to provide exercise variety.

This 5’9” Brazilian bombshell isn’t even 30 years old yet. While she’s already amassed millions of dollars and a vast following, de Paula has plenty of time to reach new heights. She can sing and dance her way to the levels of Heidi Klum and Naomi Campbell if she so desires. As one of the few dark faces in modeling, she represents the minority in her field and is an inspiration for women everywhere. While she is enjoying married life, Emanuela de Paula will continue to scintillate runways and advertisements all over the world for years to come.

Why She’s Hot!

She has olive skin and a breathtaking face. She is in incredible shape with curves that bless every piece of lingerie and swimwear she models in.

What Kind Of Man Does She Like?

She married photographer Gaston Levy in December 2012 and just knew there was something special between them even though he only spoke Spanish, which she didn’t at the time.

Something You Should Know?

If she weren’t a model, she would be a dancer. It’s something she’s practiced and enjoyed since she was a child.

She was the first black model to appear on the cover of Vogue Brazil.

In 2009, de Paula was the 11th highest earning model in the world, making an estimated $2.5 million.