Femme: Emanuela De Paula

GQ Brazil

GQ Brazil

When you mention the words Brazil, or specifically Rio, this summer, the first thing that comes to mind are the Olympic games.  How dominant will USA Basketball be?  Have they finished construction of all the venues? Zika virus? There’s a grocery list of topics to talk about leading up to this summer’s Olympic games.  However, if it were any other summer, one of the first things that come to mind when you mention Brazil is their beautiful women.  Places like Rio and Sao Paolo are world renowned for their gorgeous women. For our Woman of the Month, we have chosen one of the most beautiful Brazilian women of them all in Emanuela De Paula.

Emanuela was born in Cabo de Santo Agostinho, a region in North Brazil known for its exotic beaches. At age 10, she began to have aspirations to be a model, saving her money so she could afford to visit the neighboring city of Sao Paolo.  At age 15, she began modeling for several agencies before signing with the well known Marilyn agency.  Within a short amount of time she would soon visit Tokyo and New York to pursue further modeling opportunities, finding herself walking down runways wearing Ralph Lauren and Zac Posen. 

Emanuela’s high profile appeal is mainly derived from her exotic look.  She was born to mixed parents, her mother being White Brazilian while her father Afro Brazilian.  These bloodlines produced quite the knockout, with really not many coming close to her look.  Emanuela describes herself as black or mulata.  These distinctive features have helped make Emanuela not only one of the most exceptional models in the world, but also one of the most successful.  Her earnings have cascaded into the millions, elevating herself to the Forbes status.  Over, the last decade, she has consistently been ranked in or around the top 10 of Forbes Most Successful Models, while only being 27. Her most successful year came in 2009, when she raked in $2.5 million.  She has found herself on the Victoria Secret Fashion Show runway three times, while also taking part in Sao Paulo Fashion Week.

In addition to modeling, Emanuela has been in charge of numerous editorials with Vogue, Marie Claire, and Allure, detailing her travels, life, and fashion.  She has also scored makeup deals with Barbie and Prescriptives. 

The main draw of making Emanuela De Paula our Woman of the Month isn’t solely due to her exotic and beautiful looks (although who could fault us), but her success in the fashion world at such a young age.  Like the previous women were have wrote about, Emanuela found the initiative to be successful early on.  With the means to travel the world available to her, Emanuela began her journey at the age of 10.  When describing her success, Emanuela is quoted as saying she “discovered herself.” She knew early on that success was within her grasp with a lot of hard work. 

What Makes Her Hot?

Her truly exotic and unique appearance certainly helps Emanuela stand out.  In a land known for its beautiful and exotic women, it takes an exceptional individual to clearly elevate yourself above the rest, and Emanuela has done that.  It only helps that she has been so successful, raking in millions year after year. 


What Type of Man Does She Like?

Emanuela is currently married to photographer Gaston Levy.  The two met while vacationing in Tulum in 2006.  Their relationship culminated into marriage when they got married in 2012 in Bahia. 


Did You Know?

- Emanuela’s ethnicity is considered multiracial, a mix between white and afro Brazilian ethnicities. 

- She’s 5’9. 

- She had two of her own makeup campaigns by the age of 17!