Femme: Duckie Thot

Duckie Thot is becoming a ubiquitous and powerful force in the fashion industry because of her unique complexion and stunning looks, but she hails from some humble roots. Her parents are both Sudanese, but in order to provide better childcare for their children, they emigrated to Melbourne, Australia where Duckie was born. Some might be shocked to learn that Duckie is not her real name: her birth name is actually Nyadak — which belongs to the Nuer language of Sudan — but her parents changed her nickname so she would fit in better at school. Even with noteworthy success on Australia’s Next Top Model in 2013 after she finished third at the tender age of 17, she discovered how limited the opportunities were for black models in Australia and decided to emigrate to New York City, where she signed with some elite modeling agencies. In a variety of interviews, she gripes with how the Australian fashion scene was relatively intolerant of diversity as most people prized white women over ethnic beauties. She suffered from bullying on social media for several years and took a break from fashion to grapple with that elevated contumely, but eventually convalesced back into ambition. At a distance, most agencies were chary to take a gamble on somebody with such a unique complexion, but when she courted them in person, they immediately realized how versatile her approach to fashion really was. Her first gig was the infamous S/S 17 Yeezy banquet orchestrated by Kanye West and his team of fashion engineers. Because of this, gig her name circulated throughout the industry.

Her scintillating appeal and glorified singularity made her a hot commodity on the fashion market and she has landed a variety of elite roles. She’s a darker shade of black than the typical African American, but that makes her eye-watering in her uniqueness and she has been dubbed the “Black Barbie” by fashion connoisseurs who laud her for her unique perspective and looks. Despite the fact some people might consider this label pejorative, she is honored by the dignity of the title. In her free time, she hobnobs occasionally with such luminaries as Kanye West and Rihanna and has emerged as a successful New York model undertaking a variety of lionized positions among the retinue of elite fashion. She bedizened the cover of Icon magazine in 2018 and was also featured on the front cover of Bazaar. Industry insiders expect great things because her unique look enamors many people to her personal charms. She played the lead role in the Alice and Wonderland issue of Pirelli Magazine and strutted her stuff for the 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. She now roosts in Brooklyn, New York and prefers acculturated guys with zany gallantry who are also members of the vogue class of society. Thot currently has 1.2 million Instagram followers which is quite a feat for a newcomer to the industry. At the young age of 23, she has a lot of steam left to continue trailblazing a gallant and nubile career by auditioning for some of the most elite roles in the industry. Aside from her arresting pulchritude, she wields considerable creative talents and is well-versed in visual stylistic elements and sometimes creates improvisational art with her body as the canvass. In many ways, she is ahead of the curve and represents the vanguard of the American fashion industry. With the help of the proper visagists she can assume a variety of roles that highlight her unique features, but sometimes her pristine complexion is preferred over a darker shade of black that is sometimes painted over her to accentuate her swarthy complexion. Overall, her career is on the upsurge and she is bombarded with requests to do features and her aplomb demeanor and her bootstrapped rise to fame should stand as paragons of how to overcome turmoil and humble beginnings.

Why she’s hot!

Thot has a rare mocha complexion that complements a busty curvaceous appeal with brown piercing eyes and a well-rounded physiognomy that plays well especially with extensive make-up and lighting scenarios. Her resemblance to Barbie Dolls is also a lucrative cosmetic appeal.

What kind of man does she like?

She prefers people that belong to the vogue class of society with prim looks and gallantry embedded in their character and stature within the industry. She also favors people comfortable with the spotlight but well-versed in the nuances of private luxuriance.

Something you should know:

She isn’t the only one in her family that has made a career out of modeling, her sister Nikki Perkins has done the same thing. She also has a total of six siblings.