Femme: Candice Huffine


Bucking an entire industries expectation takes guts, grit, and massive amounts of courage. It is an even larger challenge trying to change that very same industry to be more open and inclusive. Candice Huffine has managed to do both of those things and that is the reason why she is Man of the Hour’s coveted Woman of the Month. On the one hand, it would be easy to talk about Mrs. Huffine as if she were any other model. I could quickly lay out all of her accomplishments, the magazine covers she has graced, and the ad campaigns she has starred in. It would be easy. To do that, however, would cheapen her legacy and the amazing work she has done and is doing. Candice Huffine is a plus size model and she is absolutely slaying the modeling game.

It is always hard, to sum up, a person's impact in a few hundred words, but I'm going to try. It's worth it if only to give a better scope to what Huffine has accomplished.

Candice Huffine recently turned 31 and she has already made history by being the first plus-sized model to feature in the prestigious Pirelli calendar. She was also the face of Lane Bryant's 2016 advertising campaign #ImNoAngel. #ImNoAngel is even more audacious and impressive because it is taking a direct shot at the world-famous Victoria Secret Angels.  In 2016 Huffine founded Project Start. Project Start works in collaboration with Women's Running Magazine. The stated goal of Project Start is to help women get healthy, get fit, and start running. It's a small goal on the world stage, but it's ultimate aim to directly impact the lives of everyday women. The same women that Huffine is championing.

These are massive accomplishments. Huffine is breaking international barriers as well as increasing representation right here at home. Huffine has recently signed on with modeling giant IMG. This move further cements her as a fixture in the modeling world. Huffine has received widespread media attention because she has broken barriers by walking in both high and low fashion shows.

Candice Huffine is a beautiful and powerful woman. She's the rare breed of model who has expanded her influence beyond the catwalk. She has been empowering women for years. In order to fully understand Candice Huffine’s importance, one needs to look at teenage girls. Teenage girls look at fashion magazines and follow fashion designers. They know who is who and what they are wearing. It’s not a stretch to point out that seeing a woman like Candice Huffine on the catwalk does wonders for a young girl’s self-esteem. Seeing someone with a body type that is more natural up there on stage shows them that they too are beautiful.

It's not enough for Huffine to break down the barriers that divide traditional models and plus sized ones. Ultimately she wants to get rid of the whole plus size title. In her ideal world, one she is working towards creating, she would simply be referred to as a model. Huffine just wants to stand among her peers and be regarded with the same amount of respect and admiration. It is a noble ambition, one that we celebrate.

  • Candice Huffine is hot because she is a strong woman who is breaking down the boundaries of her industry.
  • Huffine married her boyfriend Matt Powers in 2011. Powers is an inspirational guy who does tons of work raising awareness of Multiple Sclerosis and how to prevent it.
  • You should know that Candice Huffine has competed in beauty pageants since she was a child. She has literally been training for her job all of her life.