Short Film: Find True Love

One minute. One minute is all you need to tell a full story. One minute is enough to run the gamut of anxiety during the modern age of internet dating. Victoria Vincent, an up and coming animator used brevity and wit in order to illustrate this phenomenon with her short film, Find True Love. In one minute, through background, actions and music, everything you need to know about your protagonist is present in all its sadness and pity.

In the short film, a man blankly starts a Tinder-esque website searching the “love" of his life. Casually, girls go by the wayside until he sees one picture which seemingly blinks at him. Before he messages her, he has to check the love guru that is Google in order to know how he would be able to proceed in order to win her affections.

Vincent’s parody of the modern age of love is present and funny. Her style is reminiscent of animators like Bill Plympton or Brendon Small. She exaggerates the human form, enhancing the forcefulness of her satire. The bigness of this style coalesces with the bigness of the human reaction. When the main character does not get a response in an hour, it is the end of the world. His loneliness is highlighted by the barren room that he is in with only the comfort of a computer screen; his horniness by a funny generic new jack swing song.

Victoria Vincent can be found on her blog.