Hit or Miss: Riverdale

I'm Sam, the managing editor for Man of the Hour, and I am extremely excited to introduce the return of our series called Hit or Miss. Logan, our entertainment editor, and I will be reviewing upcoming television/movie trailers, providing seasoned opinions and accurate predictions saving you the trouble of wasting your time on rotten tomatoes when you could be binge watching the good stuff. This week we cover the new CW original called Riverdale.

Logan: I’m probably in the minority here, but I think no other network is doing drama as well as The CW is right now. Yes, its shows tend to get repetitive and melodramatic at times. But the shows always do an excellent job at doing what they’re meant to do–entertain. The CW has concocted a formula precision-engineered to create binge-able drama. Based on the trailer alone, Riverdale looks like it has potential to stand with the network’s finest programs. What the show’s actual premise is, I have no idea from the trailer – I can infer there was a murder in a small town, and the show will explore the events leading up to it, and the blowout.

Despite its ambiguity, I’m excited for it. I want to tune in and see what it’s all about. I did more research to learn more about the premise is about. A solid answer is surprisingly hard to find, but I did learn the show is based on Archie Comics, and seems to be merging its characters into one universe. This plays to the network’s strengths – The CW knocks comic book shows out of the park. It’s already breaking television ground with its shows based off of DC Comics, like Arrow and The Flash, iZombie, an underrated gem, is also based on a comic series. The more I learn about the show, the more I’m intrigued. I’ll be tuning in.

Sam: Despite the CW being at the forefront in quality drama television, churning out addicting television series like clockwork, this trailer disappointed me. Riverdale seemed too formulated, too cookie cutter, and didn’t stand out over the numerous other diverse drama series out there, most of which originating from CW. Everything from casting to teasing of plot screamed generic to me as though the series was an homage to the original small town drama. I felt like I was watching a revamped Twin Peaks filled with the same old love triangles and cheesy scenes that shows like that were known for. Riverdale was reaching for something familiar, but I just couldn't put my finger on it from the trailer.

I applaud Logan for doing more research, although I still fault the trailer for being incredibly vague. If Riverdale is actually a spin off of the beloved comic Archie, then it completely changes my opinion of its trajectory. CW has undeniable talent when it comes to producing smash hit drama’s consistently but their true talent lies in their quality comic to television adaptations. If they can capture one of my favorite comics growing up accurately or at least provide some long overdue nostalgia while also making it fresh and new for younger generations, I predict this could be a definite hit.