Hit or Miss: "American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace"

What is it about?: The second iteration of FX’s true crime series; "American Crime Story’s" newest season will focus on the assassination of fashion designer Gianni Versace by Andrew Cunanan.

Why this might be good: With one of the most talked about first season’s for a show in recent years, “American Crime Story’s” first season, which focused on the O.J. Simpson trial, has become one of FX’s hottest series. The true-crime show was arguably one of the two best series of last year, along with another FX show, “Atlanta”, and even managed to ride away with a slew of Emmys later on down the road. That makes the next chapter in its saga all the more anticipated. The series took a hiatus this year but has lined up two more chapters in the pipeline. “The Assassination of Gianni Versace” was originally intended to be the show’s third season; however, a last minute switch was made, likely to allow for more time to work out story kinks with the oddly ambitious Hurricane Katrina season that was originally going to follow “O.J”. The largest difference this time around seems to be the switch from a courtroom drama to a straight murder investigation. However, viewers will likely get extensive flashbacks on Versace's murderer Andrew Cunanan, allowing us to dive further into the psyche of the famous killler. You can also expect more big stars, such as Édgar Ramírez as Versace, Penélope Cruz as his sister Donatella, and Ricky Martin as his lover Antionio D’Amico. Cruz in particular is an exciting choice as she’s so rarely been given a role, outside of Spanish speaking films, that lets her truly shine as an actress. However, more than anything, this series allows us to yet another opportunity to explore complex themes through the vessel of genre. Those involved with the new series have stated that this season will tap into issues within the LGBT community, similar to how the “O.J.” season dealt so interestingly with race.

Why this might not be good: No one expected a star-studded recreation of the O.J. trial to be so in-depth, so riveting, and so illuminating of the world we live in now. Yet, somehow, “American Crime Story” accomplished all those things and now the pressure is on to deliver something equally memorable. But is it possible to capture lightning in a bottle twice? Many shows have struck a chord in their first season, only to ether fall of the rails or fail to recapture the magic in subsequent years. The fact that “American Crime Story” allows itself to change from year to year is certainly a creative plus. Seasons can be expertly plotted out with a finite destination and if an idea doesn’t work one year, the showrunners are free to move on to something completely different the next. However, room for mistakes is still possible. Let us not forget the drastic fall “True Detective” had during it’s awful second season, after coming off an award winning and insanely popular first year on air.

On a lighter note, the fact that none of the marketing has featured this is a crime against humanity! 

Hit or Miss?: Come on, don’t kid yourself, this is going to be a hit! Even if “The Assassination of Gianni Versace” does not reach the heights of “The People vs. O.J.”, this will still be one of the most talked about TV events of next year.