Brooklyn Nine-Nine Is Back And Better Than Ever

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the comedy cop show by Michael Schur and Dan Goor is back and just as good, if not better. After its brief cancellation from FOX network because of scheduling issues, NBC was able to pick up the show the next day and bring it back for at least one more season. The premiere of season six showed us that NBC has no plans of messing with what made the show great and intends on keeping it as amazing and hilarious as it was when it was still on FOX, starting with the first episode of season 6 “The Honeymoon”.

Fans of the show had a big scare on May 10, 2018 when Fox announced that season 5 was going to be the last season for Brooklyn Nine-Nine. However, the show wasn’t just brought back by NBC, but it largely owes its revival to its many fans that swarmed social media in order to voice their outrage. Many famous fans posted their own opinions like Mark Hamill saying that he was going to hold a grudge over its cancellation or Guillermo del Toro talking about how great the show was and how he knows it will return, and due to these very famous posts as well many others brought this amazing show back from the brink of death in just 24 hours. Thankfully NBC Entertainment chair Robert Greenblatt regretted selling the show, so when Fox dropped it, he saw it as a no-brainer.

Season six of the show starts off picking up right where season five ended, with Captain Ray Holt (Andre Braugher) revealing that he didn’t get the commissioner job, the episodes main plot follows Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) and Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero) on their honeymoon to Mexico after receiving a lot of cash from wedding insurance. The honeymoon is thrown off course when a depressed Holt interrupts the honeymoon and ruins most of it. While all of that is happening there are two other story lines with Gina Linetti (Chelsea Peretti) and Charles Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) discussing their parent’s marriage, while “Big Dog” Terry Jeffords (Terry Cruz) and Rosa Diez (Stephanie Beatriz) try to deal with Sanitation trying to claim one of Diez’s cases.


One of the things that make this show such a success are its incredible array of characters and the various personalities they have. Every character in the show is brilliantly written and each brings their own personality into the mix. Diez is cold, loyal and strong, Boyle is the exact opposite, Peralta is great at his job but is basically a child, while Santiago is an uptight person who would never break a rule. Every character has other characters that balance each other out, so that no one character feels left out or just annoying; because as one character starts to get annoying or their jokes get stale another character comes in with a fresh personality and their own jokes. For instance, in the honeymoon storyline Jake and Amy have the most chemistry because the jokes that Holt makes are elevated by the comedic timing jokes of Jake and the hilarious over reactions of Amy.

What made this episode stand out is that the characters while still being funny, were able to get some real character development. Characters like Captain Holt and Santiago are two of the best examples of this. Captain Holt, after finding out that he wasn’t the commissioner showed the team a rare side of himself. When he is depressed and continuously putting himself down, we see a new side to the usually emotionless Holt. It’s a side of Holt that is difficult to see but really shows change in who he is by the end of the episode and sets his goals on the real change he wants to make which is to improve relations between officers and the people as well as to greatly decrease crime in Brooklyn. Santiago is one of the characters that throughout the entire series has been known to worship Holt as a mentor and captain. In the premiere we see the growth that she has gone through as a character who is truly her own person and doesn’t need a mentor anymore.


The writing in the episode was genius with Peralta’s ill-timed dancing at the beginning of the episode, but what really made it smart were all the subtle jokes that were thrown in. One of the funniest things to have come out of the episode were the shirts that Holt wears throughout his time in Mexico. with funny lines on them like “1 Tequila 2 Tequila 3 Tequila Floor!” or another shirt that was a just a muscular shirtless torso. What made the shirts so funny though was Holts stoic expressions the entire time while wearing all of the ridiculous shirts. Small funny moments like these jokes are what really make the show stand out as not only the script has jokes but everything on screen has the potential to be funny.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has always been a very progressive and diverse show, tackling hard subjects like racial discrimination, corruption in the police force, and sexuality in very realistic ways. A moment like when Jefferson was aggressively arrested by a cop simply for being a black man in a white neighborhood being a very important part of the episode without eclipsing the rest of the story. Another prime example is how Captain Holt was kept from being a captain for so long because he was both black and gay. However, this show has really shown that neither of those aspects affect his work and that he is still one of the best cops on the show.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the funniest shows on television at the moment, with amazing script writing as well as characters that are perfectly designed to counteract with each other to get the most out of each of their personalities. Brooklyn Nine-Nine may have scared some people when FOX decided to cancel it, but we can all rest easy knowing that it is in good hands with NBC.