The Maturity Of Adult Males

Young men undergo incredible changes over the course of our teenage years. Puberty is a wild ride full of hormonal peaks and valleys, shocking our systems in various ways. Once we get through puberty, men continue to undergo changes in a different manner. Emotionally, maturing men reach a different level of problems to overcome. Responsibilities increase as well as finding our way in our careers and relationships.

According to a study by Dr. Sandra Aamodt, most people, especially men, do not reach full maturity until age 25. At this age, our brains fully develop and can make more mature, well-thought out life decisions.  In terms of rational thought, Aamodt’s study states that “20-year-old males are 50 percent more likely to do something risky if two friends are watching than if he’s alone.” As we mature, we realize that poor decisions to impress our friends or others become less important. We become less risk averse by weighing positive versus negative outcomes.

One of the most impactful changes men encounter after college is creating a career for ourselves. While teenage boys tend to have a difficult time focusing on science class, adult men spend countless hours filling out job applications and preparing for job interviews. The countless hours involved in gaining meaningful employment far surpass the time spent writing term papers and studying for exams. Adult men understand that the decades of school and extra-curricular activities would be for naught if we do not continue to push for a career that best suits us. Once we achieve our dreams in our career, the rest of our life will follow suit.

Unfortunately, once we begin our career as self-sufficient adults, financial responsibility forces us to make responsible decisions. Rent, car payments, and insurance are monthly obligations that need to be efficiently planned for. Unlike our college years, spending hundreds of dollars every week at the bar is not as appealing when that money could be saved for more fruitful opportunities. We also learn to cook more often and party less to save money for vacations and more sensible purchases.

Living alone or with roommates once again forces us to become responsible adults in our place of residence. Our parents are not going to clean up after us or remind us to put the garbage out. Our apartments or houses require a large chunk of our paycheck every month and must be treated responsibly. People you meet may question your maturity if you can’t keep your own living space clean. As adults, we learn to respect where we live for guests as well as for our own well-being.

We also tend to change our habits during our time away from work. Instead of video games and mindless television viewing, adult males use their spare time wisely; we research experts in our career fields, read intelligent books, and use our time to improve ourselves in as many aspects as possible. As our metabolisms slow down, we must focus on working out regularly and having a balanced diet, to look and feel healthy. Personal growth becomes much more important once we fully mature.

A difference between prior generations and today’s adult men concerns our outward appearance. As teenagers and college students, sweatpants and t-shirts are normal attire. Today’s adult men showcase our maturity through tailored suits and smart casual outfits. Dressing impressively exudes confidence and power, showcasing our motivation to improve ourselves.

Adult men also undergo emotional transitions relating to dating. Teenagers and college-aged males tend to lack interest in monogamy; encounters with the opposite sex revolve only around sex. As we age, one-night stands tend to lose their luster. Just like with our careers, the process of being involved in a healthy relationship can lead to a fruitful, monogamous love life. In addition, career-driven individuals don’t have as much spare time for dating, so finding someone special is especially important.

Just like our love life, our personal relationships mature as well. Adults move away from having many acquaintances to a smaller group of close friends. As our schedules become busier, we tend to value the friendships of the people we care about most. Whether subconsciously or not, we find out who matters most in our lives once we stop seeing them in class every day. These people will carry us through adulthood and often stay with us for the rest of our lives.

After we finish our college education, we enter the most important stage of our lives. Building a future financially as well as in our personal relationships becomes the mission. We must make positive, intelligent choices to further advance ourselves, not only in our careers but also in the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of our lives. Adulthood presents the challenge of sustaining our lives without the help of parents or other people. We are our own motivators and breadwinners. These responsibilities help us build maturity to sustain our futures and become the best version of ourselves.