The Election Analysis

Tuesday night, the new leader of the free world was chosen. Against what media portrayed, seemingly against the will of the people and against the all living past presidents, Donald J. Trump won the election and is now the 45th President of the United States. Many rejoiced at this result and many found this dismal. However, what made this election special was that either candidate was not particularly popular, with a large portion of Hillary Clinton supporters only doing so in spite of a Trump presidency, and vice versa. But while most eyes were focused in on the presidential election, other forces were hard at work looking to gain, and in some cases keep, control over other governmental devices. The senate and house were also in a battle for control Tuesday night, being a republican held entity for the last several years, but always in an uphill battle against a democratic president. In retaining their holdings throughout congress and keeping the majority seating, coupled with a republican president, should prove fruitful for legislature that was otherwise at a standstill through bipartisan competition.

Whether this is good or bad, it does go against the basic checks and balances thought to be the foundation of the Democracy of the United States. Although legislature seeps through to law unbelievably slowly, that is the structure of government that the constitution intended. Only analyses through time will show how a majority red government will play on the passage of legislature and the impact of that streamlined system.

Repeal of Obamacare

Republicans have long been opposed to the Affordable Care Act, coined Obamacare, and were not afraid to voice that opinion in the Senate. However, that’s all it was, a predominantly republican Senate outraged with the overextended hand of the executive branch. With a newly appointed Donald Trump at the head of the previously eight year democratic White House, the Senate right will be looking to push their agenda harder than ever. In cooperation with the other arms of government needed to pass through this legislature not replacing, but repealing the Affordable Care Act, conservatives will be looking to create a different version with closed loopholes and better overall national benefit.

Appointment of Supreme Court Justice – Majority Republican

After the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia earlier in the year, the battle for control over, what is supposed to be a non-partisan arm branch of the government, has ensued with immense push back from both sides of party lines. The republican senate, whose duty is to appoint this justice with little to know time lapse, and the democratic president, who must nominate a justice that fits between party lines. However, neither of these branches followed protocol, both with ulterior motives in mind. President Obama, being of the Democratic Party, was looking to perpetuate his values into a separate branch. Congress, looking to wait until the next president was decided (hopingly republican himself), pushed any nomination Obama had hope of into the trash. Without such stick situations and partisan arguments muddling the decision on who should take Antonin Scalia’s spot, it seems apparent one of similar party values is likely to be nominated and pushed through to the seat in the near future.

All of these actions, triggered by a trump presidency, lead to notion that the next four years are going to give way to the resurgence of conservative values. That the country that has been the last eight years is going to change dramatically. That people who were happy will soon be distraught and those previously distraught will soon be happy. Nothing is black and white, nothing is either this or that, and it all works in tandem. With the next four, or possibly eight, years of a republican majority presence comes a new era, one of which never before seen by a large portion of citizens in the United States. Millennials have only ever known an Obama presidency, being too young to have distinctly lived through the Bush years. As those years come to a close, it seems most are sad to see him go, but optimism is the silver lining on such a cloudy day.