The DNC's Deceit

The Democratic National Convention was sent into turmoil this week after WikiLeaks posted over 20,000 party emails which were intended to be internal. These emails showed a bias against Senator Bernie Sanders and collusion towards the success of the Clinton campaign. Officials speculate that Russian hackers, who were found in the Democratic National Committee (DNC) servers earlier this year, are to blame. This is thought to be a coordinated strike by Moscow to interfere with the United States presidential election and its democratic process.

 Experts found that two parties of hackers had infiltrated the system and looked for distinct information within the DNC servers. These two groups had gone after the opposition research file on Donald J. Trump and another that had planted itself within the DNC’s email system for about a year to monitor activity. Both of these groups are known affiliates of Russian military or intelligence agencies and use cryptic signatures to identify. The group investigating these intrusions, Crowdstrike, believes that if in fact Russian intelligence intends on hacking political parties, their purpose is to influence Donald Trump’s rise to political power in a powerful way. Through Trump’s will to weaken NATO and his praise of Vladimir Putin, it seems he has made a strong ally in the East.

The leak negatively affected quite a few officials and members of the DNC including the Chair, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, who resigned shortly after. This was only in part due to the scandal, as she was criticized since 2011 for her ability to fundraise and work as a spokeswoman for the party. She faced even more disapproval this past year from Sanders supporters who believed decisions such as lowering the debate count and decreasing the number of viewers to stack Hillary support were equal to that of collusion. The Florida congresswoman was met with unhappy delegation in Florida Monday morning, as they booed her.

With Shultz on her way out of the door the Vice Chairwoman, Donna Brazile, will serve as the interim chair until the election is finished. She and CNN agreed to suspend her role as a speaker during this time. Other names like Housing Secretary Julian Castro, a large Clinton advocate, and Ohio Representative Marcia Fudge, a more partisan official, have been tossed around the DNC boardroom as the permanent replacement for the coercive Chairwoman. What could have been in these emails that would incriminate the DNC so much?

The emails from seven officials’ accounts were revealed by these Russian hackers, including some that may have expressed distaste for Senator Sanders from inside the DNC. The DNC’s chief financial officer, Brad Marshall, may have even questioned Sanders’ religious affiliation by writing, “get someone to ask his belief (in God)”, in hopes this would make a difference in the Kentucky and West Virginia primaries. His play on religion in the South would not make a large difference as Sanders took home a win in West Virginia and lost by .3% in Kentucky, causing hostility towards the good senator to raise. Another email, written by Shultz, called Sanders’ campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, “a damn liar” after following up about a rally in Nevada that called out the Democratic Party for its unfair procedures towards Sanders.

What does this mean for the democratic vote? It means that you, as a voter, should take a closer look at who you may be voting for and what kind of people surround them. A vote for someone affiliated with a corrupt party may be tainted themselves, like apples around a rotten apple are also most likely rotten. When reviewing a party and their affiliates, one should not only delve into the background of that candidate, but also who sponsors them, be it a national party, big banks or nonprofit organizations. These are the real backers behind what makes a candidate strong or weak.

In the case of the Democratic National Committee, there were a few rotten eggs that may as well have contaminated the whole crate. Whether Hillary Clinton was playing by the rules or not, her party members were in the midst of rigging the elections in her favor, no matter how minute the effect was. These facts shown to us by the Russians, no matter how malicious their intent may be, show us the corruption behind our major political parties and hopefully, would shine some light on new options. As a voter, if you are seriously considering voting for the democratic nominee, take a look before you cast your ballot, you may find some inconsistencies.