The Brothers Fung

Fung Bros. Food is a YouTube channel that introduces you to some of the best Asian cuisine out there. Run by two comedic and talented brothers, the channel does a great job informing its audience about the food of a culture which many of us are foreign to. If you like food and want to see what the Asian palette offers, then you will want to tune in to Fung Bros. Food.

The Fung Bros. are two brothers with a knack for content creation. David and Andrew Fung are unabashedly proud of their Asian culture, while owning what makes them American. With jokes and incredibly outgoing personalities, these self-named sneaker heads draw you into their world to entertain and inform you.

Food review videos typically follow a loose layout where the brothers acquaint you with the restaurant they are about to review and introduce any co-hosts that they may have for the episode. They proceed to order and eat the food, explaining in detail all the aspects of what they are profiling. With a variety of Asian cuisine to test, the brothers profile a plethora of food that many westerners are sure to be new to. The reviews are fun and fast paced. They spend time introducing you to the food and it really helps you learn what is going on in a relaxed environment

These guys are not amateurs at what they are doing and the level of detail is apparent in their videos. The high-quality music in the background is relaxing and has an urban vibe that gives the content a unique feel. The crisp quality of the production and the unobtrusive graphics help to keep your attention on what matters: the food.

The atmosphere of their hot pot spotlight in Shanghai presented an intriguing scene. They took the time to explain what was going on in each of their individual bowls of sauce, while also letting you know the different types of ingredients that were on their tables.  

Additionally, the brothers have made a recent effort to take you to the most authentic places they can manage. In the Hot Pot and Shrimp video, the brothers are in Asia profiling some of the local cuisine. Getting to see what Chinese cuisine is like in China was a rare treat and very informative. Here you can see the brothers take an adventure in shrimping. 

Beyond the authentic food, the brothers invite interesting co-hosts to help them navigate the world of Asian restaurants. One of the hosts was Kaili Ma, a Taiwanese model from Germany who brought her own unique flavor to the show. She spent time explaining why she loved the place they chose to profile and explained the different menu options to them. 

Another host was then point guard for the Charlotte Hornets, Jeremy Lin. The video followed them profiling American Chinese food in Charlotte, North Carolina to find Lin a new spot to eat. Throughout the video, Lin's status was highlighted by people stopping him for autographs and pictures. The brothers have connections that make their videos that much more interesting.

The Fung Bros YouTube channel is a great way to open your mind, and maybe mouth, to the vast Asian food that exists in this world. Western culture has what the brothers call “fake Chinese food,” and the Fung Bros. are ready to be your guide to authentic Asian cuisine. High quality productions, authentic in-depth reviews and plenty of unique and fun guests make this food review channel a must watch.