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A Guide To Finding Greener Pastures

So, you’re thinking about changing jobs? The first one really wasn’t what you were looking for, you wanted something that’s a little bit more organized, a little more enjoyable, and now you have to find a company that works. Maybe you’ve had enough of the back-up plan your parents forced in and finally want to pursue your true passion. Or maybe, just maybe, you’re wanting to change jobs for the hell of it. We all know how encompassing our jobs are in our lives, and if it isn’t benefiting you mentally, it’s okay to want to move.

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Parlor Talk: Keep Your Friends Close And Your Friends Closer

On a recent trip to Dublin to visit my boyfriend’s family, I got a lesson in friendship that I didn’t quite expect. Drinking beers outside of a pub in town, the lads are all crowded around the table to welcome home the old and discuss the new. There’s about seven of them, all friends since their early teens, and all inspiring. I sit back and listen, “we’re starting our own magazine, the first edition is looking great”, “I’m submitting my new film to a festival, ”we got past the first round for Ireland’s Got Talent.“  These men, all the same age as me, have managed to accomplish so much in their 20’s, fulfilling their dreams, and having fun while doing it. And their secret? They have each other.

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