Parlor Talk: Vasalgel

Jonathan Knowles

Jonathan Knowles

The modern relationship commitment is one of casual sex. Many millennials do not look toward the future and see a family with children until later in life than their parents. We want to become intimate with our partners without that risk. Until now, options for men have been limited: use a condom or have a vasectomy. However, a new product seeks to bridge the gap between these options and provide a safe and reliable alternative to surgery and latex.         

Vasalgel is a revolutionary product that will change the way men approach sex. Imitating the act of a vasectomy, Vasalgel is injected into the vas deferens – the conduit that delivers sperm to the urethra – blocking that function. The groundbreaking concept here is that this process can be reversed. If a man wants to conceive a child later, he can flush the gel out with another injection. This kind of technology has the potential of changing a man’s sex life forever. Without the permanence of a vasectomy, Vasalgel gives men the freedom to have intercourse without a condom.



Vasalgel is currently being developed by the Parsemus Foundation, a company with a mission to promote neglected medical research. In addition to contraception for humans, Parsemus works to create easy and affordable contraception for cats and dogs. With a goal to bring scientific advancement out from the prison of scientific literature, Parsemus hopes to advocate for technologies that will revolutionize treatment practice.

Vasalgel seeks to build off previous work done on RISUG. RISUG (Reversible Inhibition of Sperm Under Guidance) is a drug that works off a similar idea. It is injected into the vas deferens but does not completely block the tube as Vasalgel does. Instead, RISUG creates an environment that kills sperm.  Currently in clinical testing in a small area in India, RISUG still has a fight to go through to become available on the market. Parsemus reports that RISUG is stuck in clinical III trials, almost thirty-seven years after the first paper was published. Vasalgel hopes to bring RISUG’s progress to the world faster than RISUG.



As recently as February 11,2017 Vasalgel was successful in a one hundred percent birth control rate among rhesus monkeys. The study found that the male monkeys could return to their normal lives after the short injection. Side-effects of the procedure were not different from a regular vasectomy, and the report finished by saying that Vasalgel was an effective method of birth control. It is unknown how much longer you must wait to see Vasalgel procedures offered in your doctor’s office, but Parsemus has a goal of seeing the product in clinical trials by 2018.



Vasalgel fits an area of birth control that we do not have. Able to block sperm without the lasting effects of a vasectomy, many young men will fit the desired audience. Men in their twenties are not eager to have vasectomies. The risk of not ever having children is a large one. If Vasalgel makes it to the market, young men will be able to experience sex without a condom or the risk of being infertile.

Beyond condoms and vasectomies, the only other way to control pregnancies in humans is to use female birth control. Female birth control can be dangerous, especially in those that involve chemicals. Medical News Today cites a few of the side-effects of female birth control pills: Nausea, headaches, weight gain and even vision problems. Male birth control is a much safer form of contraception, and involves no chemicals.

It’s important to note that Vasalgel will not stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Things like HIV travel through seminal fluids, which will still occur during ejaculation with Vasalgel. This product is intended for committed couples who want to make sure they don’t get pregnant, or those who are using a condom with casual sex to prevent STDs.



Vasalgel looks to be set to change the way men see sex forever. Parsemus is hard at work to provide the market with a much-needed product. Without the need for condoms, young men will be able to have relations without fear of unwanted pregnancies. The ability to reverse the effects of Vasalgel will put the fears of the family oriented to rest. With the added benefit of reducing female birth control risks, male birth control seems to be a scientific miracle. One day, it may be a routine procedure to have Vasalgel as a young man until you are ready to start a family.

If you or people you know can get behind an idea like Vasalgel, you can support the company making it happen here. If you want to know more about Vasalgel, you can go to Parsemus’ FAQ site to explore the product some more.