Parlor Talk: Stuff You Should Know

Xin He

Xin He

How would you like to travel throughout the world without leaving your daily routine? Well with Stuff You Should Know, you are as close as one can get. This podcast is dedicated to teaching the public about a variety of subjects with reliable and easy to understand information. With a relaxing and educational vibe, the guys of Stuff You Should Know feel like friends at the bar. This portable classroom is a staple for the man on the go. This podcast can help you understand concepts that you do not have the time or resources to learn on your own – to help you be your most informed self.

Charles Bryant and Josh Clark, the hosts of Stuff You Should Know, are two well-educated men who have a passion for writing and simplifying topics for the public to understand. Bryant was an English major from University of Georgia, who spent a decade traveling the world after his graduation.

Clark was a history major who pursued a career in writing. He was a newspaper journalist for a while but then got the job with How Stuff Works. They met up after Bryant returned from his traveling and the two were put on the show by their supervisor at How Stuff Works and the podcast took off from there.

Formatted into one hour podcasts that come out twice a week, the show covers a variety of topics from the death tax to pacifism. The topics are explored in a very detailed and well researched manner. From specific situations to broader hypotheticals, they bring you the information in a refreshing way each time. The podcast has a very comical and informative tone. The guys will laugh with you and the next moment tell you about the historical context of their topic. At various times, they will jump in the “way-back” machine to travel to distant time periods and explore the topic that was chosen.   

No one has less time in their day than millennial men. They have jobs, relationships and an ever-increasing list of to-dos. Today, it can be difficult to keep yourself mentally stimulated and learning. Who has time to sit down and read something more than a top 10 article? Stuff You Should Know is a go-to podcast for anyone without the time to do an extended amount of research but with a passion for knowledge.

Beyond the accessibility, men of our age need to be better educated. A well-rounded man knows a lot about a lot. Per the Protocol Etiquette and Civility training website, gentlemen can be counted on to be life-long learners. The modern man should have a passion for expanding his knowledge and applying it to help advance himself and others in his life.

Bryant and Clark possess a noticeable chemistry, bouncing off one another and exploring tangents. At times the feel is that the two are best friends and you are hanging out with them in their garage over a beer. This chill atmosphere is helped by the welcoming personalities of the hosts. They never make their teaching arrogant, only like a helpful librarian trying to get you to understand the topic. The show has great appeal, and it is not hard to see why. They have created a place to come and learn without the judgment, fear or time commitment that can be expected from learning.

Stuff You Should Know is a well developed and produced podcast that helps you to understand a wide variety of topics. With a diverse subject range, you can find something that will interest you and be sure it will be explained in a great way. Down to earth and educated, these teachers will get you caught up in no time and at no cost. So whatever you have going on in your schedule, you can still be the best man you can be.

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