Alpha Framing: Professional Greatness


Greatness is never a given; it’s a marathon run of nonstop desire and dedication. No matter the field, there are thousands of hours that differentiate the mediocre from the truly special. Bill Gates dropped out of college and is now one of the richest people on the planet. There were six quarterbacks drafted before Tom Brady; he is arguably the greatest football player in history. There is no absolute template for becoming a success in your career; however, there are steps that truly great professionals take to become the best in their fields.

The key to becoming great is finding your passion. It’s a difficult undertaking to fake being in love with your career. Passion is the driving force behind putting the time and energy into becoming the best. Every fiber of your being must be fully invested in your goals to achieve greatness. Every exceptional professional goes through similar steps to gain a competitive advantage over their peers.

What They Do Best: Always stay motivated

Successful professionals bring their best every day. Motivation in every part of your life helps bring the best of your abilities at every moment, but especially in your career. It gives you energy and charisma and breeds consistency in your output. Human beings are habitual by nature; if you bring a positive, hardworking attitude to the office every day, your results will continuously improve.

What They Do Best: Put in the extra hours

LeBron James spends an estimated $250,000 on his body annually. You must work as hard outside the office as you do within. Networking, client contact, and researching are all vital to the improvement of your standing at your career. Reaching the highest level involves dedicating your spare time to advancing your career. If you desire greatness, drinking with your friends and wasting time on the internet is not an option. You must optimize your spare time to perfect your skill set.

What They Do Best: Carry yourself with class

While self-promotion is important, it is also important to be humble at times. Great professionals let their results speak for themselves. They project power, intelligence and accomplishment while being personable enough to engage with in a comfortable manner. Find moderation between confidence and humility and allow your excellent production to be the forefront of your professional portrait.

What They Do Best: Capitalize on vital moments

Always prepare yourself to make the best of your moments in the spotlight. If your boss fails to get the job done, you should be ready to take his/her position at a moment’s notice. Learn as much about every section of your field to prepare yourself to replace anyone unable to get the necessary results. If you are thrust into a vital presentation or position, you must make the best of that moment to climb the corporate ladder.

What They Do Best: Show toughness

Part of becoming the best involves making difficult decisions. While everyone is friendly with co-workers, they are your competition. If your co-worker is aiming for the same promotion, they are an obstacle to your goals. While it can be difficult to damage friendships, toughness in the workplace allows you to make the professional decisions to guide your career to its highest levels. By showing professional toughness, you will show your peers how serious you are about achieving greatness.

What They Do Best: Maintain composure

In high-stress situations, the coolest heads will prevail. Staying composed in frustrating or difficult scenarios may be the difference between success and failure. While everything around you may be going crazy, a focused composure will benefit you, allowing you to process the next step in the most beneficial manner or discover a weakness in a competitor.

What They Do Best: Don’t be afraid of failure

Fear of failure is a fatal flaw that will limit your ability to become great. While you will fail repeatedly over the course of your career, your response is what matters most. Will you pout and dwell on your losses or will you use it as motivation to succeed at the next opportunity? Peyton Manning lost his first six games against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots; however, he was able to carry his team to victory in the next three match-ups en route to his first Super Bowl victory in 2007. How you respond to failure will show your true character as a person.

Greatness is not easy to obtain. Most people don’t have the work ethic or mindset to reach the highest levels. If you want to become the Michael Jordan or Jeff Bezos of your field, be prepared to push every other part of your life to the side. Your passion for success will be the driving factor in your career and matter above everything else. Remember, success is a never-ending journey. If you reach your career goals, make new ones. Becoming the best is a nonstop process that only ends in retirement.