Breaking the Tinder Code

E+ / Pekic

E+ / Pekic

I can vaguely remember a time in history when male suitors had to meet their date's parents prior to going out. He would pick her up promptly and stroll up to the door, where there would be a warm exchange and the classic you-better-treat-my-daughter-right handshake from her father.

However, this isn't the 1950s and there is no need to pick up your date anymore because thanks to Uber, a friendly stranger will be whisking you away for the night. Times have changed and the definition of dating has certainly evolved. 

Welcome to the world of Tinder, where a swipe of the hand can result in a promising relationship (a 4x4 picture and tagline can really help you find your soulmate).

The addicting new app has taken the dating world by storm, but it is primarily regarded as nothing more than a place for casual hookups. 

To help you navigate Tinder, let's go over some common signs and ground rules.

Swipe Left: She thinks you're good looking. You probably debated what picture to choose for your profile, so you will be pleased to know that you were successful. A helpful tip is to avoid using a group photo because she will spend a solid 10 minutes trying to figure out who you are. 

Initiating Conversation: Please refrain from using corny pick up lines or comments about physical characteristics lower than the neck in the initial message. Just be yourself and tell her about who you are! Tinder does not have notifications for messages, so if she does not answer right away, do not hit her with five messages per minute. She could be at work, in the middle of driving, or literally doing anything else.

Be Clear: Make sure to clearly state what you are looking for. Unfortunately, some of the people using Tinder are actually in relationships and may be using the app as more of a comedic outlet from a dull work day. There are some women who use the app for dating, while others are strictly interested in casual hookups, so in order to create a mutual understanding, be upfront about what you are seeking from the beginning.

Be Aware: It is easy to use a random picture of someone else as your profile picture, so be cautious about trusting at first glance. In order to use the app, you have to register with Facebook and many Tinder users have other forms of social media as well. Try to check out their Instagram or Twitter page if you want to verify the picture. 

Tinder is not for everyone, but no one can deny its growing popularity and ability to get people hooked from the initial use. It is a great way to meet women without the pressure of walking up to an unknown person and trying to start a conversation. It can also alleviate the stress of a long term commitment and pressure to adjust to a new life. 

However, it is probably not the best avenue for finding a life long partner. If you are looking to settle down and genuinely get to know someone, it may be difficult because of the reputation the app has cultivated since its initial release in 2012.

The idea of casual hookups is not going away anytime soon as the app amasses over a billion swipes per day.