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Luxe Life: Hip Electronic Cigarettes from Brooklyn

Posted by Amy Silbergeld on December 13, 2013 at 4:00 PM

Smoking cigarettes has some distinctly unfashionable consequences, namely breath and clothing that smell like a trashy dive bar. Of course, smoking is also horrible for your health.

That said, it’s undeniable that the cigarette can actually be quite the stylish accessory, bringing to mind film noir and artists of the 1950s Lower East Side. Don’t worry, we aren’t irresponsible enough to recommend that you take up smoking. However, if you must, electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) are becoming a more popular option—and they might be a bit better for you. Regardless, they won’t stink up your clothing, apartment or mouth. 

Many e-cigs aren’t exactly aesthetically pleasing. You’re probably familiar with the more common drugstore brands, many of which are disposable. Buying one of these isn’t unlike buying a loosey (a single cigarette sold illegally by a shady bodega), which is not-so s-phisticated, to say the least. 

Bedford Slims don’t stink in the literal sense, and their designs don’t stink either. Take a posh puff on these stylish smokes, available in several attractive styles including plaid and simple silver and black. The latter looks like an Apple product, and all have faux “embers” that light up in the shape of a mustache when you take a drag.

While the jury’s still out on the effects of e-cigs on your health, Bedford Slims are certainly becoming a staple in New York hotspots. A starter system is available on the company's website for $39, and may also be purchased in the hippest neighborhoods in Brooklyn—where the company is based—and lower Manhattan.

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