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Who Would've Thought It: How to Color Coordinate

Posted by Tiana Blue on February 19, 2013 at 2:00 PM

Once the 1960s came around, fashion entered a post-minimalist time. Style would become less about tried and true classics and more about fleeting fads. As clothes became more customizable, timeless garments were replaced by the likes of tie dye and graphic tees. Trends have undoubtedly ruled the last 30-some years of fashion. But while plenty of style movements stayed behind in their original era, color coordination should never kick the dust.

Without managing it, color coordinating could be a complete disaster. Think about those OG’s you see with a little lean in their step--brown shirt, brown pants, brown shoes, brown hat, and maybe even a brown cigar to top it off. want to avoid that. These cats come from another era, so there is no comparison here. They aren’t wrong for dressing how they know, but you are wrong for copycatting. Let them do their thing, and admire the stroll.

On the runways this season, head to toe color coordination dominated. How blah. It takes seconds to marry one shade into an entire outfit. If style was that easy, how fun would fashion blogs be? Where would fashion be if designers left out all the oomph?

When you connect colors properly, everyone will notice the balance like a piece of art. Start out with a shirt that makes you feel your best. To keep it simple, wear the shirt with a similarly colored denim wash (let's say, black shirt and black pants). While it's cool out, throw on a hat for some extra color. If hats are a non-negotiable, make a statement with footwear or a belt of a different shade. A simple striped scarf would also do.

With so many easy options, there’s no need to be a stickler for matching from top to bottom. If there’s too much solidarity, grab your favorite accessory (be it an orange watch or green leather gloves) and gain some style points. You can also stand out with a basic approach, such as a mint green polo (not tucked in) with dark denim and black or brown boots (or boat shoes when the weather heats up). This look is acceptable for date night, the bar or a casual dinner.

There’s bound to be some skeletons in every gentleman’s closet (Kangol caps, leather pants, to-the-knee sports jerseys…whatever you were into).Don't salvage a pile of has-been clothing. Let trends stay behind unless they were built to last. (so Sketchers and fanny packs should never make a comeback, or else we’re all doomed.) Color coordinating is both simple and trend-free. 

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