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5 Classic Board Games Every Gentleman Should Have

Posted by Blaize Stewart on January 22, 2013 at 4:00 PM

In the technological chaos that has become the norm for us today people are constantly looking for ways to be entertained. Consumers look to instant movies and television from Netflix, thousands of songs via Spotify and Pandora and live game play via Xbox Live and other gaming devices. It would seem that we are spoiled in the ways of entertainment and are missing out on some quality activities because they might not be presented in the instant fashion we have all become so accustomed too.

However here at Man of the Hour we are always concerned about the virtues of a gentleman and one of those would have to be patience. Another would be the ability to bring what was popular in the past and make it relevant in today’s society. In our instant world we have lost one of the traditions of the typical American Family: board game night.

You might wonder, “Why play Scrabble when I can play Words With Friends on my iPhone?” It’s because by making these traditions virtual you are missing out on the face-to-face, real life bonding time that make these games so much fun.

Board games might not be the trendiest topic or most cutting edge item in the entertainment world but they serve an important purpose in bringing people together. Therefore we are going to create a list of five classic board games and present the luxury editions of each and explain why every single one should be present in all gentlemen’s homes.


The first classic game on the list is chess. This has always been known as game that pits superior intellects against one and other. Long had it been renowned as the game for those of high sophistication and class because of the intense strategy and planning it takes to be successful in every game. Since the 12th century chess has been a gentleman’s game and that tradition continues to this day. As such it should be present in the home of every gentleman keen on keeping his mind sharp.

Purchasing a luxury chess set will cost between $150-200 and can be found on many websites in numerous variations such as stone, wood and glass sets. No matter what style you choose just be sure to have a set displayed proudly in your home to welcome challengers and to ensure you keep your wits.


Chinese checkers

The next classic game to grace our list is Chinese checkers. Contrary to popular belief, this game did not originate anywhere in Asia nor is it a variation of checkers. It was invented in 1892 in Germany as a variation of an older game known as Halma. The name Chinese checkers came to prominence in the United States due to a marketing scheme by the Pressman Company.

This is again a strategy game that unlike chess can involve up to six people. The idea of the game is to get all of your marbles into the point of the star on one of your opponent’s sides. The game continues until every player has succeeded and is easy to understand which makes it great for all ages.

But what makes it great for a gentleman’s home? Once again strategy games boast intelligence and having this game in one’s home means you are capable of thinking quickly and following through with gusto. Playing against five other opponents in this game means you have to be the best strategist who also has the most confidence is his moves. If that isn’t a quality of a gentleman I don’t know what would be.

For a price of around $80, a luxury version of Chinese checkers can be resting on your coffee table or sitting on your desk in the study. This will give you ample amounts of time to hone you skills and become a master strategist.


What could scream high society social event more than a tantalizing murder mystery? Since the late 1940s’, Clue (originally Cluedo) has been the go-to game for a salacious high class homicide events. There are a few reasons why this game should be in every gentleman’s home, first and foremost is the deductive reasoning it takes to be successful at this game.

This isn’t some simple game that is over in 5 minutes. It takes time and effort to figure out which of the dastardly degenerate is the one guilty of murder. You have to be observant of others moves as well and be aware of everyone’s motives and facial expressions for the duration of the game. It takes intelligence, great observation skills and the tiniest amount of luck to make sure you solve the mystery first in this game.

While Hasbro has been producing this game for a while and turned it into a flimsy piece of cardboard, there are still some incredible luxury editions available. These are typically priced around $200 but are well worth the extra money because of how incredible they look.



Next up is Monopoly, an American-originated board game that is named after the economic concept of monopoly, or the complete dominance of a single entity over a market. A gentleman should know money; therefore he should be able to handle a game like this with no problem. In this game both business and economic strategies are put into play in order to become the supreme ruler of the board. Knowing these concepts is important for every person, not just a gentleman.

Though it might seem mundane or even a bit silly to put these into practice in a board game doing so will only sharpen your real life skills. Plus it is fun to be able to create an empire that you would most likely never be able to create otherwise.

If you are buying this game try to avoid the cardboard version. The luxury edition runs around $200 and is worth every penny because you are getting an excellent game that will last for years and could be something your family cherishes for decades.



Last but not least is the war of the words, also known as Scrabble. This game took some time to get going but by the 1950s’ had hit its stride and was a hit. This game is a measurement of intelligence, vocabulary and strategy, all of which are traits we would expect a gentleman to have. Players must form words from their provided tiles and find a space on the board to put it while trying to get the maximum amount of points possible.

Having a big vocabulary will give you a huge advantage in this game and using strategy to plan out words for the maximum point could make you nearly unstoppable. This battle of words is a great way to have fun while sharpening you wits.

The luxury edition of this classic also rings in around $200. This will again stand the test of time and could become a staple item in your household, so it is well worth the cost.


As you can tell from just a few of these games there is endless entertainment to be had while playing them. It takes time to make it through all of them as well as intelligence and the ability to think ahead and plan things out. Honestly it would probably be a struggle for most people to return to these games after their technology addictions but the end results would be immeasurable.

Not only would you be bettering your mind but the social aspect is unbeatable. There is nothing like pulling out a board game and gathering around it with friends and family and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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