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2012 Man of the Year Award Winners

Posted by Blaize Stewart on January 7, 2012 at 12:25 PM

From film to fashion, and everywhere in between, there are some stars that shine brighter than others. For the 2012 Man of the Year Awards, Man of the Hour and its readers voted and picked the men, women, and  films that went above and beyond in the past year. Versatile, edgy, and meaningful are just a few of the adjectives used to describe the following Man of the Year Award winners. These winners all embody some or all of the elements  that make a Man of the Hour and we congratulate them on their successes in the past year by honoring them through these awards.

Best Film Actor Nominees:

  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt, 50/50
  • Jake Gyllenhaal, Source Code
  • James McAvoy, The Conspirator
  • Robert Pattinson, Water For Elephants
  • Channing Tatum, The Eagle

Fan Vote Winner: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

2012 MTYA Winner: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

After starting out as a child actor in the 90’s, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has morphed into one of Hollywood’s most dynamic and well-respected actors. Most of the films in which Gordon-Levitt participates are edgier than the mainstream Hollywood scene, and taking on these more challenging roles has given him a reputation as an incredibly versatile actor. In 2011, Gordon-Levitt had one movie come out, 50/50 co-starring Seth Rogen, which received wonderful reviews from both the public and critics. In 2010, he also starred in the Sci-Fi action movie Inception alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page, which wowed audiences worldwide.

It really should come as no surprise that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was voted the Best Film Actor. Not only is he a talented actor, but he also exudes a confidence and sophistication that many A-list celebrities don’t have. Success is not going to be stopping for this actor anytime in the near future, either. As of now, he will be in 5 movies in 2012, one being the highly anticipated The Dark Knight Rises.

Best Film Nominees:

  • I Am Number Four
  • Limitless
  • Source Code
  • Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon
  • X-Men First Class

Fan Vote Winner: Limitless

2012 MTYA Winner: Limitless

“What if a pill could make you rich and powerful?” This is the tagline of the Best Film of the Year, and without a doubt, this movie has all the right ingredients that make an incredible film. The handsome protagonist, played by Bradley Cooper, is at the lowest point in his life once his girlfriend, played by the beautiful Abbie Cornish, dumps him. However everything changes once he discovers a pill that allows him to achieve whatever he wants and with this pill's help, his life becomes everything he ever wanted it to be. His success does not go unnoticed, though, and soon the antagonist, played by Robert De Niro, tries to shatter the new life that Cooper’s character has created.

This movie was successful because underneath all the action, there is an ethical question every person would be considering after watching: What would I do in this situation? Is it fair for one man to have this ability and keep it all to himself, or should it be shared? Or maybe even destroyed? When a movie makes a person question their very own principles, it means that the movie has surpassed the mere glitz-and-glam side of movies, and evolved into something more. That is why Limitless is the Best Movie this year.

Best Web Series Actor Nominees:

Fan Vote Winner: Nate Golon, Workshop The Series

2012 MTYA Winner: Eric Pumphrey, Reckless Tortuga's The Online Gamer

Eric Pumphrey is an actor/writer/producer who is part of the trio who started Reckless Tortuga, where numerous sketch-comedy shorts are written, produced, and acted out. After trying to break into the acting scene and not getting the parts he wanted, Pumphrey started doing things his way and has had great success with his projects since, even becoming a hit on YouTube, in particular with his acting in The Online Gamer as Aaron.

His portrayal of Aaron as a disconnected gaming addict is spot-on with quite a few young men today. It seems like he is just a typical guy who is way too invested in the gaming world, which is believable and many people can relate to it, which makes it even funnier to them. The fact that he not only acts in these but also helps write and produce them makes it clear that this is someone who is dedicated to his projects, and success is inevitable. It is safe to say that the upcoming year will be one filled with success for Eric Pumphrey and his team at Reckless Tortuga.

Best Web-Series Nominees:

Fan Vote Winner: The People That Touch Your Food

2012 MTYA Winner: Tie. The People That Touch Your Food, and Then We Got Help

Without a doubt, there is a common denominator in both The People That Touch Your Food and Then We Got Help, which are the two web series that tied for the number one spot this year. The reason these two series are successful is that they are both incredibly believable, and the humor in both is such that many people have experienced in their own lives. It is so easy to relate to both series that it is actually harder to dislike them than to like them.

In The People That Touch Your Food there are the typical workplace dynamics that everyone deals with, no matter where they work. It’s great to see how outrageous it looks from an outside perspective, because then someone can recognize their own workplace in the series. Then We Got Help is a therapy session where numerous relationship problems are brought to light. Again, they are presented in a humorous way, but the honesty underneath the laughs is what really makes the series great.

Best Short Animated Film Nominees:

Fan Vote Winner: The Panda Rabbit

2012 MTYA Winner: The Panda Rabbit

Written and directed by Randy D. Rosario, The Panda Rabbit is the short animated film about a hybrid creature known as the Panda Rabbit, who doesn’t feel like he fits in because he is different from all the other creatures. He finds solace in his television, but soon gets sucked into the television world and finds it much less enticing than he did before.The Panda Rabbit battles his way through the television world and eventually makes it back to reality.

The Panda Rabbit won Best Short Animated Film because of the message it is trying to convey. People in today’s world spend incredible amounts of time in front of the television. Television and other technologies are taking over the social part of our world. As The Panda Rabbit clearly shows, reality is much more preferable to the television fantasy world that entrances many people.

Best Men's Magazine Nominees:

  • Esquire (America)
  • Esquire (British)
  • GQ (British)
  • Man About Town
  • Vman

Fan Vote Winner: GQ (British)

2012 MTYA Winner: Esquire (America)

For decades, Esquire has been one of the leading Men’s magazines, with articles that have something for every man to take interest in. Fashion, women, and more can all be read about in this icon of men’s magazines. Under the leadership of Editor-in-Chief David Granger, Esquire has progressed to even higher levels and has won numerous awards, some coming from the National Magazine Awards. A perfect example comes from 2011, when Esquire won a National Magazine Award for Digital Media.

This award signifies that Esquire is not only at the top of its game when it comes to writing, but also beating away all competition when it comes to the new frontier of magazines. With online usage increasing, it is probably only a matter of time before most printed media becomes strictly online. When that time comes, there is no doubt Esquire will be there, advising men on the digital version just as they have with the printed version in decades past.

Note: Visit the Cover To Cover section for monthly magazine review's.

Menswear Retailer of the Year Nominees:

  • Banana Republic
  • French Connection
  • J Crew
  • Ted Baker London
  • Zara

Fan Vote Winner: Banana Republic

2012 MTYA Winner: Zara

Zara is the menswear retailer with clothes available for any sort of occasion, whether it is a red carpet event or a day out with friends. Always affordable and strikingly stylish, Zara has been a force to be reckoned with since it began in 1975. In recent years, the company has been refining its look to fit young urban professionals while still not totally breaking their buyer’s bank.

Zara is every young professional man’s dream. It is a place where he can go to find all the clothes he needs for work and play. The fact that these clothes are available for reasonable prices will draw in droves of young men looking to achieve a more professional and sophisticated look. Looking good doesn’t have to cost much, but the feeling it gives you is priceless.

Menswear Designer of the Year Nominees:

  • Ozwald Boateng
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Tom Ford
  • Paul Smith
  • Louis Vuitton

Fan Vote Winner: Tom Ford

2012 MTYA Winner: Tie. Ralph Lauren and Tom Ford

The tie for Menswear Designer of the Year is between two of the most influential and important men in fashion. After starting as a tie salesman, Ralph Lauren created a fashion empire that has endured for decades. Tom Ford is responsible for rescuing a failing brand and returning it to glory, and now has his very own brand that has been enormously successful. In both the past and the present, these men go above and beyond what is expected and continually impress the world with their designs.

Ralph Lauren has always provided great designs that fit in with sophisticated and classic patterns. Tom Ford has designs which have an edgy nature, yet still fit into the same sophisticated setting. Both designers have left a lasting impression on the fashion industry and they will only increase their positive influence as time goes on.

Dapper Gentleman Nominees:

  • LeBron James
  • Bruno Mars
  • Usher Raymond
  • Harry Shun Jr.
  • JustinTimberlake

Fan Vote Winner: Justin Timberlake

2012 MTYA Winner: Justin Timberlake

Any man who dresses well enough to catch the eye of Jessica Biel has to be doing something right. The newly-engaged actor/signer always looks his best when out in public. Ever since his boy band days, Justin Timberlake has been a fashionable man setting the trends for leagues of young men.

Aside from his music career, Timberlake also has had a successful acting career. Every premiere is an opportunity for him to show his style. He is someone who can walk down the red carpet and pull off classic or edgy with an ease that most people can only dream of. Say what you will about his singing or acting, you can’t deny the man has got style.

Femme of the Year Nominees:

  • Beyonce
  • Mil Kunis
  • Miranda Kerr
  • Rihanna
  • Katy Perry

Fan Vote Winner: Beyonce

2012 MTYA Winner: Mila Kunis

Stunningly beautiful with a witty sense of humor is one way to describe any man’s dream girl. It is also how one would describe Mila Kunis, the Femme of the Year. Kunis has come a long way since her days on That 70’s Show, and evolved into a versatile and well-rounded actress. It would have been easy for Kunis to fall into romantic comedy roles that she is so well-suited for with her beauty and sense of humor. Instead, she took on challenging roles that gained critical acclaim and firmly established her as an A-lister.

Mila Kunis is a woman who embraces all the qualities that a modern woman should have. Setting aside her looks, there is still so much there to be admired. Her drive, determination, and dedication are all admirable qualities and her independent nature just makes a guy want her that much more. So hats off to you, Mila Kunis, and may you continue to enchant the male population for many years to come.

Athlete of the Year Nominees:

  • David Freese
  • Rafeal Nadal
  • Dirk Nowitzki
  • Aaron Rogers
  • MarkSanchez

Fan Vote Winner: Dirk Norwitzki

2012 MTYA Winner: Dirk Norwitzki

As 2011’s German Sports Personality of the Year, Dirk Norwitzki has definitely had a stellar year in basketball. The seven-foot-tall power forward for the Dallas Mavericks led his team to their first NBA Championship in 2011. That is probably the cherry on top of the other numerous achievement he has earned while playing for the Dallas Mavericks.

One thing that is rarely seen in the sports world today is loyalty and dedication to a single team. Norwitzki has been a member of the Dallas Mavericks since 1998 and has continued to support and lead the team in good and bad times. That is something to be respected and admired, and we hope to see Dirk Norwitzki play with the Mavericks for many more seasons.

Rising Star Nominees:

  • James Blake, Singer
  • Tino Coury, Singer
  • Anthony Mackie, Actor
  • Frank Ocean, Singer
  • Tenie Tempah, Rapper

Fan Vote Winner: Frank Ocean

2012 MTYA Winner: Frank Ocean

Rising Star is the perfect way to describe Frank Ocean. He has written songs for already-established artists such as Beyoncé and Brandy. He is also a rapper/singer, and is part of the Odd Future group which includes Tyler the Creator. Ocean has performed with Odd Future and he has appeared in Tyler the Creator’s music video, She.

With an album panned for release in 2012, Ocean’s future is looking bright. With the success of his songs with other artists, and the fame of Odd Future growing, Ocean is bound to accomplish a lot in the coming year. With his connections in the industry and a strong work ethic, there is little doubt that Frank Ocean’s name will be up in lights in no time.

Timeless Gentleman Award Nominees:

  • Shawn Carter (Jay-Z)
  • George Clooney
  • Matt Damon
  • Johnny Depp
  • Will Smith

Fan Vote Winner: Will Smith

2012 MTYA Winner: George Clooney

What can be said about a man such as George Clooney? He is the man other men aspire to be. He is a man that has an incredible career that is still going strong, beautiful women fawning all over him, and an incredible sense of confidence that few men possess. Timeless is a wonderful word to describe him, as he achieves so much with what appears to be such little effort; it is something that time won’t diminish.

Such a classy and sophisticated man inspires others. He is timeless in that the legacy he is inspiring in younger generations will continue through them, and maybe continue on for generations to come. It is safe to say the movie industry would not be the same without the star that is George Clooney.

Entrepreneur of the Year Nominees:

Fan Vote Winner: Cameron Washington

2012 MTYA Winner: Cameron Washington

“Live life with style and detail” is the mantra of the Entrepreneur of the Year, Cameron Washington. Starting out simply planning events, Washington soon expanded his work to include brand-consulting, fashion-styling, and production, which is now a complete lifestyle and entertainment company.This Lifestyle Expert can no doubt help take any idea or party up to a whole new level of sophistication.

Following one's dream may not always be easy, but Washington proves that it can lead you to incredible amounts of success and happiness. Not only is he a man with a vision, but also a man of integrity and class that only inspires more confidence in his abilities. Undoubtedly, Cameron Washington Enterprises will continue to flourish in the future.


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